Golden State Warriors

Golden State snapped it's three game losing streak Sunday.

Stephen Curry once again led the way for the Dubs, scoring 31 points to go along with 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals while committing only 1 turnover. They used strong 1st and 4th quarters on their way to avenge a 3 point defeat earlier this season in Philly.

"It feels really good to get back home, get the fans behind us and get a win. This team never panics, but we needed this one bad," Curry shared after they game.

Curry gets up to get down.

Pau Gasol agreed. "We have a young team after our early season trade. It's important we don't get too high or too low, it's a long season and we need to stay focused on each game." Pau contributed 18 points, 5 boards and 4 blocks to the cause.

Gasol drops in a fadeaway over Amare Stoudemire.

For the 76ers, Stoudemire carried the load with 21 points and Johnny Flynn added 16. The loss was their second in a row, despite shooting 49% from the field and generally getting most of the open looks they wanted.

Johnny Flynn uses two hands like his momma taught him.

"We need to get a better rhythm on both ends of the floor," Amare stated. "We got great scorers and good individual defenders, but need to develop our team chemistry to take that next step."

One player glad to get back to Oaktown was Tyreke Evans. During the 0-3 road trip, he went from being the main offensive initiator to riding the pine during OT in Boston. Sunday, he went back to his old ways, charging hard at the goal and getting to the line, compiling 22 points, 3 assists, 3 steals, and most importantly, 0 turnovers.

Tyreke goes hard in the paint for 2.

"I know how to play this game, but adding new players always takes some time to get used to. Bottom line, we're going to be a force and I'm going to keep bringing it," a seemingly relieved Evans commented in the locker room.

While it's still not clear how this back court tandem of Curry and Evans will grow together, for one night at least, it led to a big win.

Curry shows some emotion after banging a 3 in transition.

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Atlanta Hawks

Hello and WELCOME to the home of the ATLANTA HAWKS under new GM MRBKLYN51

The Hawks seemed to have started off the season pretty rough under former GM GETSOMEINC and decided after only 4 games that to part ways with the GM. They posted a 1-3 record in opening week of the season and many began to wonder if the Hawks season were headed downhill. When Carmelo Anthony was asked about their 1-3 start and GM position on the line he stated " We have a good solid team in place but lack Leadership from the front office. This will probably get me fined but it is what it is.. Hopefully we'll turn this around and find ways to win".

Since the parting ways with former GM GETSOMEINC the Hawks have named MRBKLYN51 new GM and appear to have turned their season completely around winning their first 5 games and setting a few records under his Leadership. When MrBklyn51 was asked about his success with a team that was headed down the wrong path he simply replied " This team has amazing talent and i had no doubt when i took the job that i was surrounded by winners. These guys practice hard and are determined and focused and will not settle for anything less than a Championship. The city of Atlanta deserves it as much as every single person on this organization" .

Mo Williams was asked about their recent success under new GM MrBklyn51 and he stated " ahhh man the chemistry in that locker room is at its all time high. MrBklyn51 is a proven leader whom I respect alot. He believes in every single person in that locker room and will not allow you to be anything less than what he believes you can be.I'm excited to see where we can go under his direction and wisdom of the game."

Stay tuned for more info as Season progresses.

Thanks For visiting THE ATLANTA HAWKS Team Page.

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Miami Heat
ISBL - ISBL Magazine Lebronjamesmiamiheat070

Miami Heat Draft Day Recap

The draft started out with a bang for the Miami Heat when Joe Johnson slid to the heat at the 17th pick in the draft. When asked about snagging Johnson GM Pat Riley told us “We are super glad to have landed such an offensive powerhouse and who can put teams on his back when the time comes.”

The Johnson pick wasn’t the only one that had all of south beach excited for next season they followed through with the pick of veteran shooter Ray Allen followed by Ben Gordon, Antawn Jamison, and Anderson Varajao. Those will probably be the starting 5 coming opening day, but with the picks of Javale Mcgee and Yi Jianlian you better bet Varajao doesn’t have clear sailing for the starting spot on the center position.

The Heat were also able to pick up young talents Jonny Flynn, and Demar Derozan who could turn some heads coming off the bench. An interesting acquisition was the pick of Kyle Korver who set a league record in 3 pt % last year, he could prove a vital role in coming off the bench helping the Heat put up points in bunches.

To top it all off the Heat took high flyer Jamario Moon, and former Gonzaga standout Austin Daye. This could be one exciting season in store for everyone in south beach.

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Washington Wizards

Wizards grab crucial Conference win on Road!

The Washington Wizards produced an outstanding reversal of form with a tight victory on the road against the Atlanta Hawks.

After leading for most of the game the Wizards almost threw the game away when Mo Williams had a chance for a 3 on the buzzer for an unlikely victory. Again Durant led the way for the Wizards with 32 Points. However, it was the first time this season the whole team put their hand up with contributions. O'Neal was fantastic on the glass with 12 rebounds, Barbosa and Billups both scored 14 points, Billups set up 8 assists and Barbosa grabbed 7 boards.

The win wasn't the only upset of the game, Durant missed his first Free Throw of the season he now has a record of 39 from 40 @ 97.50%.

Kevin Durant's eventual game winner with 22 seconds left in the game

W00kle's words It would appear my spray has had an affect on team. I'm glad the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Jermaine may of saved his ass with that dominant display leading the game in rebounds. Odom, however, isn't performing and I've heard L.A could be interested in him. Hopefully the two teams can come to arrangement that will help our overal chances for the playoffs.

Well thats the wrap from a great win by the Wizards.. A few more Ws like that and the'll be make in contention for the post season.

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New Jersey Nets

Youuuurrr..New Jersey Nets

Nets rally late in the 4th, but still lose 4th straight
-James, Turner lead 4th quarter charge, turnovers still hurting New Jersey

Celtics 18 18 23 13 72
Nets 13 08 18 29 68

The New Jersey Nets finally had their first quality showing of the 2010-2011 season, falling to the Boston Celtics 68-72. The Nets went on a tear with less than 2 minutes left in the quarter, scoring 15 points in the final 2:14, diminishing a 12 point lead down to 3. Turner went 4-6 from 3 point land and had 18 points, while Lebron James had 21 points and 6 rebounds. "The opponents 3 point shooting is whats killing us this year, giving them the looks." added Coach Celestino. The Celtics took 32 shots from beyond the arc, a little more than 40% of the shots they took. The Nets did have a season high 6 blocked shots, and they shot 42% from the field. At 0-4, although a loss, this game looked very promising for the future of the Nets.

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Milwaukee Bucks
ISBL - ISBL Magazine Ftd_wp15

The Milwaukee Bucks.

The Milwaukee Bucks had the 5th overall pick in this years draft and Head Coach Why So Wasted made a bold move taking Dwight Howard with his first round selection passing up Carmelo Anthony. Reporters Asked him why Dwight over Melo? "Carmelo Anthony has off the court issues and isn't a happy player to please he really isn't a team player."

The second round got started and the Bucks went for Stat Man David Lee at the PF position. "With Lee and Dwight down low we are gonna create problems for other teams.

The Bucks then saw Mr Bigshot Jamal Crawford fall to them in the third round. "hes are goto guy at end of guys hes proven that role throughout his career"

With the 4th round the Bucks selected Loul Deng who to the Bucks felt like a steal. " We are very happy about this guy falling onto the table"

The 5th round pick the Bucks brought a lights out shooter to the team in Kelenna Azubuike. " Hes a very solid shooter to have around Dwight"

6th round the bucks drafted there PG in Kirk Hinrich who alot of coaches around the league think hes over rated. "We Believe in everybody we draft is all Coach Wasted had to say"

7th round pick they had an interesting pick to say the least with getting C Channing Frye who is very deadly from 3 alot different from a Dwight Type. "Makes us very balanced we can throw anything at any teams."

8th rounder Bucks took PG T.J Ford the old buck. "Hes got deadly speed can keep the defense on there heels."

Bucks then took rookie Greg Monroe in the 9th round. "Hes very excited to be playing behind Dwight Howard i expect him to grow."

10th round pick who Bucks expect to be a sleeper Brandon Rush. " He is another one of those shooters to lookout for."

11th round coach favorite Daniel Gibson "Hes a great Locker room guy hes great for team chemistry i can already see him and Dwight cracking jokes."

With the Bucks Final pick in the Draft they selected Ryan Anderson here was Anderson after being drafted. " Im just Happy some team called my name." Coach Wasted quickly came back and added "like i said if we draft you we believe in you."

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San Antonio Spurs

New G.M. Takes Over Spurs

With the Spurs looking for a new GM, XxCuZiMaSiAnxX has stepped in to fill their void. Looking to shake up the Spurs current roster to build around Defense. Coach Gregg Popovich was looking to their new GM to build a team around what he thinks will do good for the team. With Yao Ming and Russel Westbrook holding the title of Co-Captains they will be looking to become the biggest Dynamic Duo of the ISBL.

GM - XxCuZiMaSiAnxX

Head Coach - Gregg Popovich

Starting 5

PG - Russel Westbrook
SG - Kevin Martin
SF - Shane Battier
PF - Brandon Bass
C - Yao Ming


Jason Williams
Jordan Farmar
J.R Smith
Terrico White
Peja Stojakovic
Zaza Pachullia
Joel Pryizbilla

Depth Chart

PG - Russel Westbrook / Jordan Farmar / Jason Williams
SG - Kevin Martin / J.R Smith / Terrico White
SF - Shane Battier / Peja Stojakovic
PF - Brandon Bass / Zaza Pachullia
C - Yao Ming / Joel Pryzbilla


San Antonio, Texas

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Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder
Coach: Bula aka DiehardFour6725

Starting Five:
PG: Deron Williams (92)
SG: Vince Carter (81)
SF: Al Thornton (68)
PF: Jason Maxiell (71)
C: Andrea Bargnani (71)
6th man: Caron Butler (81)
Second Unit:
PG: Nate Robinson (75)
SG: Dahntay Jones (72)
SF: Al Thornton/Caron Butler (68/81)
PF: Elton Brand (78)
C: Spencer Hawes (66)
PG: Chris Duhon (69)
SG/PG: Dominique Jones (66)

Starting line-up Update:

Elton Brand will now be coming off the bench to help solidify our second unit and to bring toughness to our starting 5. Helping to bring that toughness will be defensive and rebounding specialist Jason Maxiell. Maxiell brings defense and rebounding that were sorely lacking in the front court and opens up a lot of space for Bargnani to attack defenses from 3 point and mid range which is his specialty.

Elton Brand (6'9", 78 overall) is now also available for the right price in a trade offer, his strengths are his low post game and offensive rebounding (85 inside, 90 close, 79 post offense, 82 post shooting, 85 offensive rebound).

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Denver Nuggets
ISBL - ISBL Magazine Nugget10

Nuggets owner E. Stanley Kroenke "Quality Stache"

1st Derrick Rose PG 88
2nd Kevin Martin SG 80
3rd Eric Gordon SG 79
4th Serge Ibaka PF 78
5th LaMarcus Aldridge PF 77
6th Dorell Wright SF 73
7th Jared Dudley SF 71
8th Andris Biedrins C 70
9th Hasheem Thabeet C 60
10th Larry Sanders PF 66
11th Goran Dragic PG 68
12th James Jones SF 58

Post draft thoughts; with the first three picks I really wanted to solidify my backcourt with three very talented guards, by taking Kevin Martin and Eric Gordon back to back seems questionable seeing that they are listed at the same position but with K-Mart being listed as 6'7" he fits right in as the starting Small Forward.

With the 4th round pick I took Power Forward Serge Ibaka or "Iblocka". In the 5th round I was looking to pick up a natural center but when I saw that LaMarcus Aldridge was still on the board I couldn't resist such a steal. In the 6th and 7th round I took two Small Forwards off the board Dorrell Wright/Jared Dudley, a real 1...2.. punch off the bench.

In the 8th and 9th round I went back to back big men Andris Biedrins and Hasheem Thabeet, Biedrins will come in off the bench first because he's a proven vetern that grabs boards and disrupts shots. Grabbing Hasheem "The Dream" in the 9th round was such a steal in my opinion only a 60 rating overall but you can't learn height, he has the potential to do great things.

Taking Larry Sanders in the 10th round was picture perfect, he may not see playing time right away but I believe in the kid and I know he'll find minutes. With only two rounds left it was important to get a hold of a great late round Point Guard and Goran Dragic is just what I was looking for defense first type of guy. Now the 12th round is no joke, you don't pick players just cause its the 12th round! James Jones is an incredible shooter and you know he's getting the late game nod in close situations.

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