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Post by XxCuZiMaSiAnxX on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:06 pm

Red is the edit/rules I feel need to be done

1- Pressure:
-You can only full-court press if you are down by double-digits or if you are losing with under 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.
-Otherwise you must wait til the opposing PG/ball handler reaches the half court line to pick them up man to man.
-You can only steal inbound passes if you down by double-digits or if you are losing with under 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.
-You can steal inbounds if the user throws the ball past 3 point line

Your shot chart may not look like a happy cyclops with a few pimples. This means try to get in mid range Js and not just shoot 3s and punch the paint

Dont run side to side CONSTANTLY just to get an opening for the ball handler or another player

here are some rules i made when i tried to create a league ... maybe you guys can pick some out if you like em

Offense rules:

- Dont constantly call for a quick Isolation. UNLESS there is a position missmatch. [Ex. Yao Ming being guarded by Chuck Hayes. or a PG guarding Lebron James]

- Dont run side to side or in cirlces, pump fake or do that pump fake foul everytime down the court

- Try to call plays as much as you can

- PIP is 50% MINUS Fastbreak points

- There is no cherry picking, lead passing abuse, or full court passes

- Fastbreaks can only be executed on a PG or SG rebound [ exeption to the SFs that have a secondary position to PG ], off a steal, block , airball, or anyother turnover [ except offensive fouls or losing the ball out of bounds ].

- On a defensive rebound by any other position it must be passed to a PG and walked/jogged up the court.

- Player Positions : All Players with SECONDARY positions are ALWAYS allowed to play that position. Position rules are any PG can play SG. SG 6'5 and under can play PG. SG can all play SF. SF under 6'7 can play SG. All SF can play PF. No PF can play SF unless its
their secondary pos. All PF can play C and all C 6'11 and under can run the PF. DWIGHT HOWARD CANNOT PLAYER PF

- Show good sportsmanship when up by 25+ after half substitute your bench. Nobody likes to lose especially by alot so try and give your opponent a chance to catch up a little. You can ONLY substitute your starters if the lead becomes 10 or less.

Defense Rules:


- Dont spam the double team every time down the floor. Unless a player on the opposing team has red bars. Must stop the double team once it becomes yellow.

- Full court pressure can only be applied in the 4th when down in the final 3 minutes of the quarter.

- Single man press is permitted but dont do it every other possesion.

- Do not try and intentionally bump the opposing player and force a backcourt violation. this may only happen if down in the 4th.

- Chargers [Hold B]must only be taken within the 3pt line. If a charge is drawn without you holding the B button past the 3 pt line it is the Offense's fault.

- Zone Defense is allowed. The user MUST be WITHIN the ZONE of the BALL.


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Some Rule Edits Empty Re: Some Rule Edits

Post by Stillatin144 on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:54 pm

with the second season going into simulation sliders we will not need most of these rules.

Guys are not going to be able to hit as many 3 point shots as before and making a contact layup and/or dunk will become a lot more difficult.

We can hold a poll again for on ball d for this season depending if we get 2 more guys that will cosign that rule with you cuz.

You need to be in chat politican that rule to be put into place. What ever the league wants the league will get.

The best way to get a rule into place is to set it up in this part of the forum "New rules" and then get two guys to co sign with you. This will push that rule to be placed on a poll so that the whole league can vote on it.

Get on top of that Cuzimasian if you are honeslty committed to putting on ball d in for season 2.


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