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Over the past two days Empty Over the past two days

Post by Xnystate0fmindX on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:34 pm

Over the past two days Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams have been traded to the East. The teams involved in all of this are the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, New Jersey/ Brooklyn Nets, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Utah Jazz.

Now i am not going to go into the details of the trades, i'm just going to point out the main points of the trade. Okay first comes the Melo trade. There are only winners in this trade. The Knicks are winners because they got finally got Carmelo along with Chauncy Billups and Corey Brewer. Now we know the Knicks have been trying to get Carmelo this whole season, even though the Knicks traded away Raymond Felton away they got Chauncy Billups, a proven veteran who can run the floor and shoot the three, something that is essential in D'antoni's system, the only question is if Chauncy can stay healthy for as long as the Knicks need him. Now the reason Corey Brewer is important is because on espn.com have said that the Knicks are looking to move Brewer to another team in order to get another Big man. The reason for this as you all know the Knicks gave up Timothey Mosgov and acording to espn, the Knicks are looking to get Marcus Camby or Samuel Dalenbert in this trade.

The reason the Nuggets are winners of this trade is because they actually got something back for their star players, unlike the Raptors who basically got nothing for Chris Bosh leaving or the Cavs who basically got nothing for the self-proclaimed king leaving the Cavs. Overall the Nuggets played it smart, they could have easily caved in and trade Carmelo away for nothing once the Nets said they would back out of the deal.

The New Jersey Nets are big winners in all of this. When you look at all this as a whole, the smartest team to me was the Nets. They backed off the Carmelo trade talks before, than they resumed talks just to put pressure on the Knicks to do what they have to do to get Carmelo Anthony. In the end the Knicks gave up alot to get Carmelo and the Nets got Deron Williams for essentially nothing. Plus the Nets still have the time and money to pick up more stars and to put pieces in place around Brook Lopez and Deron Williams. Essentially the Nets still look the same with only a point guard and a Center, but they could look smart come the trade deadline if they make the right moves.

The Utah Jazz are winners because they avoided the tirade that comes with the a star players expiring contract and they still got a point guard and a big man back.

The Timberwolves are winners because they got what they needed, in a big man in Anthony Randolph and they got rid of the contract in Corey Brewer.

Through all of this I can only see the Nets as huge winners. As the news came in today that the Nets got Deron Williams, all i could think is that the Nets are brilliant. They pressured the Knicks to give up more than they needed to get Carmelo and they got back an elite point guard for basically nothing. The Nets are a devious team aren't they.

On another note, doesn't it seem like anyone who stops becoming a Knick goes to the Nuggets, I mean first it was Renaldo Balkman, Marcus Camby, than Al Harrington, and now half of the Knicks are heading to the Nuggets. I guess Denver is the place to go when New York doesn't want you anymore.

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